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Overwhelmed with emotion

I'm starting to feel really sad for the end of high school...n 13 years of schooling
I didn't even feel sad on friday when we had our last ever assembly (muck up was fun :D)
The last ever full week of my schooling life...n I didn't even react
The muck up assembly was so much fun...although i sorta just stood at the back n hid coz i didn't know what was going on :P
And the pick for the graduation song was sooo good
'At the beginning' from Anastasia...haven't watched that movie in so long
Shall do that AFTER the hsc
as is alot of stuff that plan to do 

I'm starting to get really stressed now...like my atar estimate is crap n i have less than a month to really bring it up possibly
And I'm scared that there isn't enough time to do everything
And maths is being sooo freaking difficult
The past papers are like impossible!!!

omgosh so much to do
i really hope i can do well
if not for my getting into a good uni course, but at least for my own self esteem 

moving onto other news
the pigeons laid another egg this
like....errr what the?
the baby pigeon is still only 2 months old, 
i mean its big, but its not like adult size at all yet
pigeons just keep breeding...might have to give some away 
its not fun if there are too many of them, no matter how pretty n white they look :D

onto my rabbit Fonzy
he's my lil baby...ok well he's not little, he's quite big/fat
i may feed him too much
but he's so beautiful...n up until these last few weeks i thought he just hated me even though i've had him for more than a year
so today, i was petting him and for the first time he seemed to actually react
i was petting his head, n he sorta just dipped his head n half closed his eyes, then he started making this weird sound like he was grinding his teeth softly
i was like um...thats just odd
so i googled 'ways pet rabbits show affection' and after a bit of searching i found out that its actually a sound of contentment!!!
i was soooo happy/ecstatic/thrilled
n i think from reading though articles about rabbit behaviour he actually has some trust in me :D
so im really happy
the other day, when i let him out in the backyard to run around n when i had walked away n walked back he actually came bounding towards me (i'm gonna assume excitedly) to sniff me 
isn't that cool?
well i think it's awesome
so, im just really glad that my love for him is somewhat reciprocated :D

the thought of Fonzy always makes me happy, so now i don't feel as sad about leaving high school
although, back on the subject
graduation is on thurs
my brother made a really good point the other day
that it was really silly that we graduated from high school even before our final exams, in which we still did AT SCHOOL
but i guess formalities are just that...formalities
the next few days are gonna be emotional i think
so hopefully i'll remember to take LOTS of pictures for memories
coz as much as memories are to be treasured, they may not last
n i think photos last a bit longer, at least physically :P
so yea

that's that
shall go to sleep now
get my rest so i can study (erghh so sick of that word)