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everything? i guess...

 yea...haven't posted in a while
well it feels like that
coz i haven't vented about life (ie. hsc coz the hsc is my life)

had my maths exam today
yes it is extension 2...so its meant to be 'hard'
but not being able to do half the paper is just ridiculous
i'm not even exaggerating when i say i couldn't HALF the paper
i really hope i pass...
my mum blames it on the fact that its a 3hr exam n that i was hungry...
i like to believe that too...but i know the truth is that i'm just a failure at maths
i dont event know why i decided to do extension TWO
who cares about scaling...if i do shite scalings not gonna do much for me
i feel guilty coz i do believe i just brought down my whole school cohort for this subject 
i'm sorry :( 
n its so annoying coz during the exam i was just humming or maybe it was in my head katy perry's whole album
like i had to make my own mental ipod in my head to get through that exam...i hope i didn't actually hum out loud...that would be embarrassing
n then after the exam i just had this massively pounding headache
like maybs a stress headache or something
so ridiculous
then had a big box of greasy and salty chips with my twin (who's just my friend but we're sorta like twins :P really no joke) 
but still pounding headache....had a smoothie
that was yum...n relieved my pain a bit but when i was finished it, headache came back
so i got home, slept, ate chocolate
then had maths tutor again
almost over

i'm sick of talking about school
i'm going to rant about job interviews
so i got an interview for a job
n so it was just in a conference room in a hotel, n there are like 10 or so tables of interviewees
n each table is assigned a leader who just watches you talk about stuff then makes the final cut
ok so for this company, they tend to overhire for xmas casuals so everyone tends to only get 3 shifts for the entire time...
so had i gotten it i wouldn't have wanted it anyways
BUT its the rejection that kills man
so since they overhire, like basically the WHOLE room got hired except like less than 10 ppl
n i was in the freaking minority
so my table had 6 interviewees
n only 2 made it...so 4 of us were rejected
like i'm not going to be bitchy or anything...but the observation is basically this - the two that got hired were white
so i'm just thinking that the leader person was just really biased coz thats just pure bs
i mean srsly
like, i'm not going to say that i was really good or anything, but the others who didn't get it were good
idk what she (the leader) was thinking....
it just sucks when you waste 2 hrs on a stupid interview filling out unnecessary forms only to be told that you haven't made it
n i hate feeling like the one of 10/80 ppl who didn't make it
it makes you feel like crap...n with all this hsc thing...its just another pile on my downhill self esteem
its increasing speed rolling down the hill...n its gonna crash n burn...CRASH N BURN I SAY


gonna move one now...coz that was like 3 days ago
just needed to vent it out on here
silly me

let's see
pet update?
yea i think so
lil baby is growing up so fast, got these white down (not quite feathers) growing
and JB is growing up...yea i decided to call it JB
still don't know what sex it is though unfortunately...apparently its still too young to tell
but there's like this weird thing going on now
the parents are like super mean to JB
they're always like pecking JB when he's 'in the way' but he just really wants to eat food
n they just don't like having JB around...its sad
idk if its normal behaviour for pigeons to do that to their 2 month old babies...but
its sad to see...
n i wish i could comfort JB...but its scared of me
its now old enough to be afraid of humans
so once exams are over
im going to start working on gaining their trust...ALL of them
coz i think i've made some reasonably progress with Fonzy (my rabbit)
he now anticipates after he's eaten that i will give him a headrub or scratch his ears 
he really likes it...i'm surprised at how easy it is to gain his trust...
just gonna work at it


time to sleepy
thought i was gonna have a shot at writing a po-mo short story
but its too hard...i have no ideas...n i'm just not textually dynamic i guess
sad..i know
i said i wouldn't talk about school anymore
but its just a lingering thing in my head ALL THE TIME