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that's what i want to do right now
i just want to give up on my hsc already...
but i know part of me is not gonna let that happen
so now i'm just stuck in this in-between limbo
to study or not to study (2B :P)

i don't want to give up now...i don't have much longer to go
just 3 wks...maybs less
13 years of schooling, so i don't really want to give up in the last 3 wks
it would sorta suck ya know

the day after i've got my ancient history exam
its my best subject...but i'm still not all that good at it
what i mean is that i would like to be doing better 
i've still got a day left...but there is actually just too much to study for me to not be stressed about lost time
there is just soooo much content
n i feel tired already
i had 9 hrs of sleep last night, n all day i felt so tired
yea...lack of sleep n i'm crazy, too much n i'm tired
so annoying D:

now i regret not taking a nap in the arvo so i'd be awake now

decisions decisions
sleep now or stay up to make up for some study??



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Oct. 20th, 2010 12:33 pm (UTC)
Oh man, I have just been the laziest piece of ass these past 2 days. I kid you not. Sleeping at 4 cos I'm up on the computer on lj, waking at 11, staring at the same page of my Agrippina sheets for 2 days... YEAH.

Have you done any of those 8 essays Ms McKay said we should do if we want to be fully prepared? I will cry if the best question we get is one on radical tribunes. I have no touched my Political Revolution notes since I wrote that Marius essay for the Trials. Shit.

Trying to study for Agrippina now, and I know I can study Agrippina + P&H + Minoans all of tomorrow if I set my mind to it, but there is NO WAY I'd be able to also study Political revolution. Wtf do I do Vanessa?! :( I can't just go in with ONLY my Marius essay from the trials and my Gracchi bros essay from Assessment 3. :( I want to give up so badly. There are people who see a challenge like this and are like IM GOING TO POWER THROUGH THIS AND TRY MY BEST! And then there's people like me that are like well fuck this I'm screwed anyway, might as well fail even more.
Oct. 21st, 2010 04:58 am (UTC)
yes me too!!!
i've been so lazy these last 2 days...
n i just actually want to give up on ancient 2mr, n maths n the rest of my exams

idk...i haven't even been writing essays...just looking at the syllabus going OH MY SHEET
i can't remember quotes for agrippina D:
n i'm going to start on p+h/minoans soon
its almost 4 now

why oh why didn't i start studying earlier??
ancient is meant to be the easiest of all my exams...so why is it this hard now??
political revolution...i don't understand anything after marius...we just went through it so fast, Sulla is just >< *dies*

where are you? needs to talks to you!!
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