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Moving on

 to bigger and better things
in the hopes that i will study over these next 3 weeks n hopefully ace them all :D

yea right...
today was pretty horrid
there weren't any big surprises in terms of the paper...they didn't like ask for something other than essays
so that was good
what wasn't good was me

the night before
totally stressing right...as previous post obviously tells
i drank V in the arvo
then i couldn't sleep at night
i had wanted to go to sleep at 10 so i'd get enough rest hopefully
but noooo
damn body just wouldn't, so im just lying there like an idiot with so much thoughts of the exams going through my head
i'm absolutely getting no sleep coz my brain is working at like 1000km/hr when i want to go to sleep, but when i wanted it to work it didn't
so i had a horrible night of 'sleep' if you can even call it that

get to school
n i have a freaking brain freeze in the middle of the exam
like wth?!?!

all that stressing...leads me to nothing
thats the lesson today folks
don't stress coz it will get you nowhere
well don't stress too much...like you just wanna scream n shout [like you just don't care] jks nah

onto other things...
bloody parent pigeons flew back to their old owner's home again yesterday
the only thing i did was clean out their cage...ya know so they're more comfy
i didn't even touch their baby (who btw is doing well :D)
so they just flew away
abandoning not only their new born but their other baby who's about 2 months old?

obviously parents were too busy to go drive there, and get them back
so the poor little baby was starving, so i had to handfeed him/her
it was hard...but i got the hang of it
it wasn't afraid of me which made it easier, 
i think it thought my fingers were the beaks of the parents, so it like kept poking it and then it'd open it mouth wide so i could stuff food into it
its really fascinating...animals i mean
i would love to work with animals for the rest of my life
but i don't think i could handle being a vet...what with having to handle injured animals or putting them down
my parents say i could totally be a zoo keeper, coz i said i wanted a snow leopard or lion or tiger as a pet :D
which let me say would be AWESOME!!!!! 

idk...my future seems a bit uncertain atm
let's hope i can pull myself together n do well in the rest of my exams 

oh wait...one thing
the other 2 month old baby is currently called 'baby'
so i was thinking of calling it justin bieber (like 'baby baby baby ohh')
n just JB for short...coz we still don't know its gender :P

will go collect the two parents tonight 
n maybe find out the sex of baby :D



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(Deleted comment)
Oct. 19th, 2010 10:03 am (UTC)
haha, well i'm glad this made you feel better
i'm actually also looking for a job too now so i can make some monies after my exams
bit depressing getting rejections all the time :( actually not even rejections...its not even an acknowledgement of my application...just no reply at all
i hope your job hunt goes well! :D
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