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In 12 hours

 I will be sitting in my school hall
starting my HSC
the actual thing
13 years of schooling have led up to this very moment in time

i'm stressed
i'm nervous
i'm unprepared
and everyone's just telling me to do my best
but like what if i don't do my best

cause i'm capable of doing reasonably well if i just stuck my bum up n just worked
but i'm lazy
so stuff like that doesnt happen

i'm afraid that i might disappoint my parents
or that i'll disappoint myself coz i didn't get into the course that i wanted to do

i feel tired already

there's not much more to say tbh
that's it

i might update on my pigeons actually
i can't remember when, i think like last week
the two eggs hatched!!!
it was wonderful
got a few photos
then unexpectedly, one of them just died
so now there's only one baby baby pigeon left

the other baby pigeon can now fly
still a bit shaky sometimes...not quite up to the gliding through the sky thing yet
but its still very beautiful
nov 2nd
n i'm going to name them

i'm off